Bijapur Colleges

Bijapur Colleges are famous for their excellent teaching staffs and the most vast number of courses offered by them. Effective initiatives have been taken by the government to improve the total infrastructure of the colleges of Bijapur

BLDEA Colleges of Bijapur

The Bijapur Liberal District Association also known as the BLDEA is a large organization ,which manages a number of colleges, and training centers in Bijapur. More than seventy five educational organizations work under it. There is not any such field of education, which BLDEA is not attached to.

Pharmacy, medicine, engineering, business management, computer science, commerce education technology, Humanities, Fine Arts, horticulture and sericulture are some of the streams of education BLDEA is involved with. The organization also runs a health center for the rural unprivileged masses. It also conducts health check up programs and camps for the backward classes. BLDEA has set up a research and training center for the post graduate and the graduate students of medicine, nursing and pharmacy.

BLDEA Institutions

  • Shri BM Patil College of Nursing, Bijapur
  • Polytechnic, Bijapur
  • Sri Siddheshwar Arts Institute, Bijapur
  • Sri Siddheshwar Physical Education, Bijapur
  • School of Nursing BLDEA's School of Business management, Bijapur
  • School of Pharmacy Bijapur, Bijapur
  • Teachers' Training Institute, Bijapur

Last Updated on 07 August 2012