Geography of Bijapur

The geography of Bijapur comprises of rivers, plateaus and plains. It is geographically located between 16� 49' 60 North Latitude and 75� 42' East Longitude. It is located at an average elevation of 605 meters above sea level. The city mainly lies on the tract of the Deccan Plateaus. The river Krishna flows through the city. Across the River Krishna a rich plain covers the city.

Some of the nearby cities and towns of Bijapur city are Tikota on its West, located 10.6 nautical meter away. On its south lies Bobleshwar (12.6 nm), Mulvad (14.1 nm), Kakhandiki (14.3 nm) and Mangoli (12.9 nm), while on its north lies Arakeri (5.0 nm). On the east of the city is located Honutgi (9.6 nm) and Ukkali (12.6 nm).

Last Updated on 07 August 2012