Reach Bijapur by Road

The city of Bijapur in Karnataka is well connected to many cities, specially in south and west India. The travelers may reach Bijapur by road easily from any part of not only southern India but the city is also easily accessible from any part of India.

The roadways to Bijapur are several accounting to its favorable position in Karnataka. Some of the most popular ways of reaching Bijapur are the following:

  • Solapur is the nearest big city in the neighboring Maharashtra state at a distance of about 101 kms. Private transport operators serve taxis or buses on this route. Approximate travel time is 1 and a 1/2 hrs provided the road conditions are descent.

  • Belgaum is at a approximate distance of 205 kms from Bijapur. It is the nearest big city in state of Karnataka. Private operators provide bus, taxi and van service on this route. Approximate travel time required is 6 hrs to 7 hrs subject to road conditions. Hyderabad is the nearest largest city and the capital of Andhra Pradesh at an approximate distance of 420 kms, the travel time required is almost 10 hrs.

  • Mumbai (Bombay) is the nearest international gateway and the largest Indian metropolitan city at a distance of about 500 kms from Bijapur. Approximate traveling time needed is 10 -12 hrs with proper road conditions.

  • Bangalore is 530 kms away from Bijapur approximately. Bangalore is the the state capital and the largest metropolitan city in Karnataka state. Approximate travel time required is 14 hrs if the road conditions are favorable.

    Getting to Bijapur by road is the easiest from any part of South India. Travelers living in the above mentioned places can reach Bijapur by road pretty fast by a comfortable journey. Bijapur is connected by road also to places like Aihole, Badami, Pattadakal and Hampi.

    Last Updated on 07 August 2012