The Rose Garden

If you are looking for a place to rest, relax and enjoy the gifts of nature, then you would love to visit the Rose Garden. It is the home of countless number of flowers with exquisite beauty and orderly gardens that capture the hearts of many. It is a local hub where people gather and socialize and spend time with their family. It is also considered as a place to exercise. It is a place not only with roses but also contains other special medicinal plants and hosts periodic festivals.

About: The Rose Garden in Chandigarh is named after India's former president Zakir Hussain and is called the Zakir Hussain Rose Garden. The garden is said to be spread about thirty to forty acres containing nearly 825 varieties of roses in it and more than 32,500 varieties of other medicinal plants and trees. Many therapeutic plants are found to be grown here and some of them include camphor, bhel and more. It is being maintained by expert gardeners and has a clean and organized look. It is a garden where one gathers to enjoy the view and spend his free time so it contains food stalls and the necessary sitting area and walking paths.

The Rose Garden hosts one of the largest three-day festivals in Asia during the summer called the Festival of Gardens. This rose festival is a merrymaking endeavour which consists of dancing, rose exhibition, games and food. People from places far and wide come to visit the garden during the festival season.

History: The largest garden in Asia, it was set up in 1967 under the guidance of MS Randhawa, the First Chief Commissioner. Architecture: The garden has many entrances and parking facility is available but tends to fill up soon. It also has many stretches of green grass which are pleasant to behold. There are a number of benches placed under trees to make visitors comfortable. The garden is designed like a park and contains long stretches and curves of walking path which makes it comfortable for people who are jogging and exercising. It also contains food stalls and notices declaring fines for littering or sabotaging the plants.

Timings: The garden is open from around 5:00 am to 9:00 pm during summers and the greatest incentive is that there is no entry fee into the park.

Location: It is situated near sector 16, Chandigarh.

How to reach: The main entrance can be reached from the Matka Chowk landmark site. The place can be reached easily through buses and cars and other motor vehicles. Parking tends to be tough due to the immense crowd. The garden can be reached in different ways as there are a number of entrances surrounding it.

Places to Stay: Some of the hotels to stay that are situated nearby the Rose garden are Taj Chandigarh, The Fern Residency, The Lemon Tree hotel, The Chandigarh Ashok and more.

Rose Garden is one of the treasured gardens in Asia. The Rose Garden of Chandigarh is a suitable place for nature lovers on a trip across the country. It is also suitable for the local people of Chandigarh spend their free time in the morning or evening. The Rose Garden is said to follow strict rules to maintain order like banning of foods and fines for the sabotage of roses. It is worthwhile to stroll among the lovely gardens to see some of the best rose specimens of the world.

Last Updated on : 14/08/2013