People and Culture of Cuttack

The kingdoms that ruled the city has left a strong impression on the people and culture of Cuttack. The culture of Cuttack has a strong bearing upon its historical past.

A study on the people and culture of Cuttack reveals that festivals form an indispensable part of the society of Cuttack. Some of the important festivals of Cuttack that deserve special mention in this context are Saraswati Puja, Dasahara, Dol and Holi, Dipavali Amavasy, Raja Parva, Rasa Poornima, Sriram Navami, Kumar Poornima and Jhulana Yatra.

Furthermore, the crafts of Cuttack also form an inevitable part of the society. Metal work and carving are two important crafts practiced in Cuttack. These crafts reflect the rich culture and traditions of the city. Tarkashi is a popular metal work of Cuttack. Moreover, handlooms also occupy an important position in the socio-economic life of the city.

Cuttack food also occupies a significant position in the socio-cultural life of the people of the city. Kadali Bhaja, Jeera Pakhala, Bhindi Bhaja, Saag and Aalu Palak are some of the popular vegetarian dishes that are relished by the city's inhabitants. The people of Cuttack are also fond of non-vegetarian dishes. Fish Curry is one of the popular dishes of the city. Crab Kalia, Malai Curry and Chilli Fish are among the non-vegetarian dishes that are widely eaten in Cuttack.

There are a number of radio channels in Cuttack, which are a source of information and entertainment for the people of the city. All India Radio is the main station while there are private radio stations like 92.7 BIG FM.

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Last Updated on 30 August 2012