Norwood Paramdham

The Norwood Paramdham is a wonderful house with enormous religious and social importance. Nestled amidst enchanting natural landscapes, surrounded by hills and deodar forests, the Norwood Paramdham is situated on Bakrota Hill of Dalhousie Town. Locally known as the Kainth Wali Kothi, the Norwood Paramdham of Dalhousie lies within 5 kilometers of Gandhi Chowk.

The famous social and religious guru – Swami Satyanand resided in this house during his Dalhousie visit in 1925. He started his mediation and fasted for a month before he attained enlightenment. It was he who named the place Tapo Bhoomi. Swami Satyanand wrote several religious books during his stay at the Norwood Paramdham in Dalhousie.

Swami Satyanand breathed his last in 1960 and since then the place is called the Param Dham. It is also known as the Ram Ashram. Bhagat Hans Raj Ji, a follower of the Guru, organizes regular meetings of the Satsang in Norwood Paramdham. During these bi-annual meetings, thousands of devotees visit the town. The Norwood Paramdham of Dalhousie accommodates more than 250 people during the Satsangs.

Last Updated on 9/13/2011