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Mandi is situated on River Beas' banks. This place was previously known as Mandav Nagar and Sahor/Zahor (Tibetan). Mandi has the municipal council in its district. This place is well-known with several names like Chotta Kashi, Varanasi of Hills and Kashi of Himachal.

While Varanasi consists of 80 temples, the residents here are proud to boast that Mandi is a clear winner with 81 temples, which were constructed with stones. This city attracts a lot of tourists all through the year.

This place is famous for its religious significance and has a plenty of temples around. Despite this city's fast growth and development, it is still has its real character and charm. People willing to explore a new place all together are ought to find this place breathtaking. The place is beautifully surrounded by the green tea plantations and wide stretched deodar and pine forest.

Places to see in and around Mandi

  • Rewalsar Lake- This Lake is square in shape. It is known as an important pilgrimage and the floating island. It is believed that this lake water flows underground to Nagchala from Rewalsar which is 10 kilometres away from Mandi.

  • Prashar Lake- Prashar Lake is located between a cup-shaped valley. This place also has a scenic beauty with a temple. Little mountain streams are fed by this lake which is like a fair here every year of June. People from all over the neighbourhood gather for this.

  • Barot- Mandi has a well-known picnic spot located about 33 kilometres away. One can enjoy fishing and ropeway here.

  • Shikari Devi Temple- This temple at 3332 metres height above the sea level gives a peaceful and tranquilizing experience.

  • Sundernagar- About 25 kilometres from Mandi this fertile valley is all ready for its tourist with wide open arms. Water from two big rivers ? Satluj and Beas ? is used to generate Asia's largest Hydel Project electricity generation for India.

  • Sukhdev Vatika

  • Mahamaya temple

  • Devi Temple

  • Jogindernagar (57 kilometres)- The haulage trolley tour is extremely amusing to Barot from Jogindernagar. It gives a view of Mandi's entire interior. The power station 'Bassi' is around 5 kilometres.

  • Tatta Pani- Tatta Pani rests deep in valleys and hills. Situated on river Satluj Tatta Pani is pure spring and can cure any kind of bodily ailment. The level of water keeps changing depending on the river's water level. The meaning of Tatta-Pani is hot water.

  • Chidi- One can get fresh and delicious apples in this hamlet which also has a scenic beauty.

  • Janjehli- This place is known as hiker's a paradise which is about 67 kilometres away from Mandi. One can rest and stay overnight in a well furnished house amidst the thick forest. It feels like a once in a life time experience.

  • Kamru Nag Lake- Is reseort with a lake is specially meant for hikers and trekkers.

How to Reach Mandi

Nearest Airport

BThe nearest airport from Mandi is Bhuntar Airport. It is at about 63 kilometres far.

Nearest Railway Station

The closest railway station from Mandi is Kiratpur, which is 125 kilometres away.


Shopping always attracts women. Thus, Mandi is the place for women. One can purchase Tibetan and tribal handicrafts, and woodworks as well. You can also buy Tibetan woollen shawls or sweaters as the wool is extremely high quality with soft texture. Make sure you work a little on your bargaining skills before purchase anything.

Due to the rich lush green forest around, you can get expensive and quality pahari woodwork.

Last Updated on : 16/10/2013