Located just 3 kilometers away from Dalhousie, Panchapula is one of the picturesque spots in the region. The word Panchapula means five bridges, at it is where a cascading stream pours into and feeds a number of pools. The Panchapula stream is the main stream that supplies water to the cities of Dalhousie and Bahloon. Panchapula originates from the northern side of Dayakund and then cuts through a scenic ravine to fall into the water bodies of Pachapula.

Just where the several streams meet at Panchapula a majestic monument or a samadhi has been built in the memory of Sardar Ajit Singh, a great revolutionary. This monument attracts a large number of tourists and for their convenience a restaurant and a number of snacks and tea shops now dot Panchapula.

The Satadhara spring falls on the way to Panchapula. The fresh waters of Satadhara are believed to contain healing medical properties. Most of the tourist while going towards Panchapula halts at the Satadhara spring to witness the miracle of nature.

Last Updated on 9/13/2011