Location of Diu Island

Diu is a part of Daman & Diu, which is a union territory of India. The location of Diu Island is towards the southern coast of Kathiawar Peninsula of Gujarat. The length of its coastline is 21 km. The total area of the island is 40 sq km. Diu Island is positioned at 20° 41' North Latitude and 70° 58'60" East Longitude.

The Island of Diu is enclosed by the districts of Junagarh and Amreli in the North and by the Arabian Sea on the remaining three sides. The topography of the island is mostly plain. The Diu Island is located six meters above the sea level. Diu witnesses an average rainfall of 700 mm. It has a cool and dry climate.

The population of the isles, according to the 2001 Census, is 44,110. The towns and cities of India, which are close to the Diu Island are Akarpati, Gogola, Kora, Nawabandar, Podame, Malabar Hills and Dores. Flights between Mumbai and Diu are provided by the Jet Airways and the Indian Airlines on a daily basis. Delaware, situated at a distance of nine km from the Diu coastline, is the closest railhead. Veraval in Gujarat also provides regular rail services to Diu Islands. These rail lines connect the Island of Diu to the mainland.ed Tandoor at the Kamat Holiday Homes of Calangute. A wide range of tandoori items available at this eating place are quite popular among the guests.

Last Updated on 26 September 2012