Election Campaign

Election campaign can be of various types including:
  • Door to Door Campaign - It involves direct interaction with voters. It has been the conventional mode of election campaign since the ages. It includes meeting voters personally, listening to their problems, addressing the meetings, giving speech, promoting the candidate through campaign materials. The campaign material of election campaign may range from badges to wrist bands to T-shirts
  • Web Campaign - With the intrusion of cyber media in every part of the life, web campaigning has become the latest fad in election campaign. This mode of election campaign provides wide and quick reach to the candidates and political parties. Voters also get to know about their candidates
  • Print Campaign - Campaigning with the help of print media. It mainly involves campaigning through newspapers in the form of party advertisement; journals etc.
Election campaign also includes big wigs of the political parties promoting other lesser known candidates of the party. The well-known names of the political arena try to influence voters in favor of their party. No political leader or party leave any stone unturned to ensure their party's victory in the elections.