Places to Visit in Faridabad

Places to See in Faridabad

Baba Farid's Tomb

Legend has it that the great Sufi saint Baba Farid stopped by the city of Mokhalpur in Punjab and chose to reside in seclusion near King Mokhal's Fort. The king impressed by the saintly man, renamed the city in his honour and hence originated the city of Faridabad. His tomb is one of Faridabad's main attractions that draws innumerable pilgrims throughout the year. A small yet picturesque monument set amidst charming gardens is a perfect soothing place for seekers of peace and serenity. An annual fair in the month of September is organized in honour of Baba Farid. Timings: 7am to 7pm


The name Surajkund means "Sun Lake" and it aptly fits into this idyllic tourist and picnic spot set up around a rock-embanked lake amidst the ruins of an old Sun temple. It is said to have been built by Surajpal Tomar around this fabled "Siddha Kund" lake whose water is known to have magical healing powers. A placid green background adds to the beauty of the place also famous for the famous Surajkund Fair. This colourful annual event that records footfall in millions is hosted in February where the best exhibits of ethnic art and craft-work in the entire nation are on display.

Badkhal Lake

The Badkhal Lake is a picturesque spot located on the northern fringes of the Aravalli Hills. Though the actual lake has ceased to exist, the enchanting environs of the place where this man-made embankment once flourished are nevertheless unique. Nearby is the scenic Peacock Lake that teems with activity amidst serene surroundings that acts as a magnet for tourists. An annual flower show held here in each spring adds to the unheralded charm of this place. A unique setting for a picnic, the Badkhal Lake is never short in terms of charming quotient in spite of being nothing but a mass of dry land.

Nahar Singh Palace

Raja Nahar Singh Palace situated in Ballabgarh is an 18th century palatial building that belonged to the brave king Raja Nahar Singh. The king kept his palace well maintained during his reign which is renowned for its architectural beauty and enthralling design. The exquisitely carved arches and intricately chiselled ornate structures welcome guests with old world splendour. Today the palace has been converted into a heritage property after some elaborate and prolonged renovation. It hosts many ethnic and cultural events with aplomb that include exhibitions, entertainment shows and weddings besides hosting tourists willing to experience the grandeur of living life king-size.

Dhauj Lake