Ghag was one of the famous poets who originally belong to the city of Gwalior in theMadhya Pradesh state in India. Ghag, along with another poet called Jagnik, were considered to be the most well known Gwalior folk poets. Folk poetry is a very significant part of the rich cultural life of the historical place of Gwalior.

This poet actually belonged to the period when the Mughals used to rule in India. Ghag of Gwalior is very popular throughout the region for composing extraordinary couplets. This poet composed couplets with subtle humor, which is one of the major specialties of his couplets. Another reason for the popularity of his compositions is that he wrote for the common people. Each and every poem written by Ghag bore a message for the common people.

Some lines from one of the most famous poems written by the poet Ghag are as follows:

'Ghar ghod paidal chale
Teer chalave been
Thati dhare damade ghar
Jag mai bhakua teen'

The above lines are an excerpt from a poem written by Ghag in which he writes that there are three major kinds of fools on earth. One of these three types of fools are the ones who do not properly use the resources that they have; another type of fools are those who engage themselves in a work that they should not do; the remaining section of people save up their many in the son-in-law's house as they ask for dowry.

Ghag has an immense contribution to the literature of not only the city of Gwalior but the entire state of Madhya Pradesh.

Last Updated on 16th Oct 2012