Gwalior Gharana

The Gwalior Gharana or the Gwalior school of music is one the most respected genre in Indian classical music scenario. During the reign of the great emperor Akbar, this Gharana rose to fame. The Gwalior Gharana is basically a style of Khayal. The Gwalior Gharana is an integral part of the Gwalior culture.

The legendary singer of Akbar's court � Miyan Tansen was one of the noted singer who sung in this style. According to some sources, the Gwalior Gharana was started by Peer Baksh and Nathan Khan.

The Gharana was further enriched with the introduction of Tan by Bade Mohammad Khan. The style was later enhanced by Hassu Khan and Haddu Khan. An emotional angle of singing was brought by Rehmat Khan, son of Haddu Khan.

The Gwalior Gharana has gained popularity among the lovers of India classical music due to its simplicity. Emphasis is given on the use of the raga instead of using melodic phrases.

Last Updated on 16th Oct 2012