Jagnik is one of the most significant literary figures in the Gwalior city of the state of Madhya Pradesh . In fact, two names of very famous folk poets are associated with this part of the state. Jagnik is one of them, while the other one as Ghag. These two well known personalities have contributed immensely to the field of poetry in Gwalior.

Jagnik of Gwalior is popular for his great compositions in the genre of folk poetry. This poet belonged to the period of the 11th and the 12th centuries. Some of the most well known poems by the poet Jagnik follow the convention of the day of writing the biographies of folk fighters. This type of biography is referred to as the Raso.

A very popular poem written by Jagnik in this tradition is called Parmal Raso or Alha Khan. This poem contains the details of as many as 52 different wars fought by Oodal and Alha. Oodal and Alha were actually two prominent Bundeli warriors.

Jagnik, one of the popular Gwalior folk poets, and his poetry form a very significant part of the cultural life of the entire region of Gwalior.

Last Updated on 16th Oct 2012