Papier Mache Gwalior

Papier Mache Gwalior involves soaked paper, glue and various colors through which attractive figures of animals and birds are made. Also, panels for decoration and statues are formed through the papier mache art of Gwalior.

Papier mache is a prime symbol of Gwalior handicraft. The art of papier mache exists in the district of Gwalior from many past decades. In fact Gwalior is known as a major hub of the Papier Mache articles along with Ujjain.

The basic technique which is used to make the articles of papier mache involves the mixing of soaked paper with glue to make different shapes of items. Most of the items of Papier Mache in Gwalior come in vibrant colors with gold being the compulsory one. Bright and eye-catching hues are the unique features of the Papier Mache art in Gwalior.

The statues of Papier Mache are quite enticing and attract the attention of one and all. Also, toys and dolls are created by the Papier Mache craftsmen of Gwalior. The figures of animals and birds of Papier Mache art resemble the real ones.

Being an age-old art form of Gwalior in particular and Madhya Pradesh in general, the Papier Mache art has today gained immense popularity both among the national and international art lovers. Due to its wide recognition Papier Mache has also encouraged the handicraft industry of Gwalior.

From the small handicraft stalls to the big emporiums, the various manifestations of the Papier Mache art form is present across the length and breadth of Gwalior.

Last Updated on 16th Oct 2012