Taj Spa, Gwalior

The Taj Spa, Gwalior is one of the most well known spas that are located in the city. In fact, this spa is well acclaimed throughout the state of Madhya Pradesh for offering quality services to the customers. The specialty of this spa is that it reflects the royal air of the city of Gwalior.

The Taj Spa of Gwalior offers a variety of facilities to the customers to provide them with utmost comfort and relaxation. The spa remains open from 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening. Some of the major facilities that are on offer at Taj Spa, Gwalior are the double spa suite, the single spa suite and the gymnasium.

The double spa room is meant for the utmost enjoyment of a couple. Each suite has a steam shower, a toilet, a sand garden and a sitting space.

The single spa suite is equipped with all the amenities that are required for a soothing spa experience. It is provided with a shower system and a dressing room.

The gymnasium is provided with all the latest equipments like cross-trainer, treadmill, multi-gym, a plain-surface bench, a complete set of weights and an uneven-surface bench. There is also a courtyard and a garden specially meant for meditation at the Taj Spa in Gwalior.

The Taj Spa at Gwalior offers a variety of treatments for the customers. The major treatments that are on offer at the spa are as follows:
  • Taj Signature Treatments

    • Jivaniya
    • Sama
    • Shudhikara
    • Warrior Massage

  • Indian Treatments

    • Indian Deep Tissue Massage
    • Champi
    • Indian Foot Massage
    • Facials
    • Back Treatment
    • Spa Manicure
    • Spa Pedicure

  • Mangal Snan

  • Body Wraps and Scrubs

    • House Favourite
    • Earth�s Nectar
    • Spice Scrub
    • Plantain Leaf Wrap

  • Massages

    • Relaxation Massage
    • Ache relief Massage
    • Energizing Massage
    • Lymphatic Drainage

Last Updated on 16th Oct 2012