Tansen Festival Gwalior

Tansen Festival Gwalior is celebrated to commemorative the immense musical talent and achievements of one of the proponents of classical music � Tansen. Organized in a place near the tomb of Tansen in Gwalior this music festival lasts for five whole days. Famous classical singers from all corners of India come to Gwalior to present their music skills during the Tansen Festiva.

Gwalior festivals have always been the epicenter of its cultural dynamism. The tradition of music in Gwalior is as old as the initial history of the place. The Gwalior gharana which is believed to have developed by Tansen is renowned world over for its rich conventional tones. One of the nine creative maestros of Great Akbar's court Tansen is today known as one of the pioneers of classical music. Ever since Tansen propounded the Dhrupad gharana he became a prominent figure in the world of art and culture.

Since Gwalior is on the forefront of excellence in music hence the name of Tansen is taken in the place with great pride and respect. The five days during which the Tansen Festival of Gwalior is celebrated audiences from both India and other countries, who understand the real chords of music, flock to Gwalior.

The classical singers performing in the Tansen Festival of Gwalior create a splendid aura of dynamic and rich musical essence. The listeners get so mesmerized that they attend all the five days of Tansen Festival in Gwalior.

There is no denying the fact that the Tansen Festival of Gwalior is a perfect manifestation of the exuberant and enriching music tradition of the district.

Last Updated on 16th Oct 2012