Business in Gwalior

Business in Gwalior is influenced by two major forces. The first being the 'need' for the trade while the second reason being the potential for the stimulated demand. The 'need' for the trade caters to the consumption of the product by the residents of Gwalior; whereas the 'potential' looks after the additional trade activities taking place within the town.

The need for trade in most of the growing towns in India is estimated to be about 1 square meter per person. Gwalior being a part of India cannot be an exception to this. Statistics prove that there is a scope for further development in the trade and commerce of Gwalior. The growth in the business in Gwalior has largely supported the agriculture and handicraft industries of the town.

Moreover, trade and commerce at Gwalior is also known to tap the international cargo trade. With the saturation of the commerce in Delhi with respect to the international cargo trade, Gwalior is emerging as one of the principle centers of the international cargo trade. Gwalior is situated in the Delhi-Agra-Bombay corridor; therefore, the town holds immense potential for the development of containerized or non-containerized cargo.

Besides, the goods that are bound for the international market, as well as those sourced in the industrial towns are currently produced at Delhi. But, with the development of the infrastructure in Gwalior, the production of the goods can be initiated in Gwalior.

Last Updated on 16th Oct 2012