Gwalior Jobs

Gwalior jobs include a number of jobs ranging from engineering to pharmaceuticals, from IT jobs to clerical jobs. Gwalior is known for its integrated industrial estates; these industrial estates largely work towards opening new job opportunities in the territory. The industrial estates in the town have largely supported the job market of Gwalior.

As large areas of Gwalior are yet to be allocated, the growth of the industries are likely to absorb the industrial growth in the territory of Gwalior. It is estimated that out of 33,222 acres of industrial land in Gwalior, about 60% are left to be allocated for the industries. There is a possibility for the development of 142 industrial units in Gwalior by the end of 2010.

Moreover, the placement consultants in Gwalior also take care of Gwalior jobs. The placement consultants help the people of Gwalior to find suitable jobs for themselves. Some of the important jobs in Gwalior are:
  • Engineering
  • Customer service and call center
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Education and training and library
  • Hospitality and tourism and travel
  • Administrative and clerical
  • Computing and information technology
  • Health care and nurse
  • Accounting and finance
  • Management and executive
  • Manufacturing and operations
  • Construction and skilled labor and trade
  • Legal and consulting
  • Non-profit

Last Updated on 16th Oct 2012