Gwalior Children's Hospital

Gwalior Children's Hospital provides free medical care and attention to the poor and needy people. The Gwalior Children's hospital has a well established network of medical services that provides the sick and ailing patients with excellent treatment.

The brain behind the establishment of Gwalior Children's hospital is Dr. B.K. Sharma. Dr. Sharma was greatly moved by the sufferings of the downtrodden and so he decided to form an organization that would provide the poor with all sorts of modern medical care.

A registered organization, the Gwalior Children's hospital provides world class medical treatments to the sick patients. The philanthropic organization of Gwalior Children's hospital has opened up branches in the remote rural areas of the place. The organization has a dental and ophthalmic center that provides free treatment to the poor and needy of the city of Gwalior.

One of the unique features of the Gwalior Children's hospital is its mobile hospital which provides medical care in the remote area of the place. The physiotherapy and pain management center of the charitable organization offers medical attention to those patients suffering from rheumatism and allied health problems.

The organization is one of the notable Gwalior hospitals. The Gwalior Children's hospital is equipped with modern infrastructural amenities for offers excellent medical treatment to the poor and needy patients. The organization supports an orphanage which is known by the name of SNEHALAYA_THE HOME WITH OVE which provides education and professional training to the poor children. Gwalior Children's hospital offers social service to the poor and needy children of the city and helps them to lead a better life.

Last Updated on 16th Oct 2012