Gwalior Maharaja

The monarchy no more exists in Gwalior, but the royal family still lives with all its honor. The Gwalior Maharaja still enjoys the royal benefits. Gwalior being an erstwhile princely state of India has been ruled by several kings from various dynasties.

The present dynasty of the Scindias has been gracing the royal throne of Gwalior for the last 11 generations. The present Maharaja of Gwalior is His Highness Jyotiraditya Scindia and the royal family has been blessed with his son Yuvaraj Mahanaryaman Scindia as the future Maharaja of Gwalior.

The princely state of Gwalior is entitled to and honored by the prestigious 21 gun salute system. The Gwalior Maharaja enjoyed paramount power during the British rule in India. All the princely rulers of Gwalior, as a custom, were appointed to certain British orders of chivalry among those associated with India.

The Scindia Palace in Gwalior city, housing the Jai Vilas as well as the Moti Mahal palaces, is the royal residence of the Maharaja of Gwalior.

The lineage of Gwalior Maharaja and their ruling period in Gwalior are:
  • Maharaja Scindia Ranojirao Scindia (1731 - 1745)
  • Maharaja Scindia Jayapparao Scindia (1745 - 1755)
  • Maharaja Scindia Jankojirao I Scindia (1755 - 1761)
  • Maharaja Scindia Madhavrao I Scindia (1761 - 1794)
  • Maharaja Scindia Daulatrao Scindia (1794 - 1827)
  • Maharaja Scindia Jankojirao II Scindia (1827 - 1843)
  • His Highness Maharaja Scindia Jayajirao Scindia (1843 - 1886)
  • His Highness Maharaja Scindia Madhavrao II Scindia (1886 - 1925)
  • His Highness Maharaja Scindia Sir Jivajirao Scindia (1925 - 1961)
  • His Highness Maharaja Scindia Madhavrao III Scindia (1961 - 2001)
  • His Highness Maharaja Scindia Jyotiraditya Rao Scindia (2001 - continuing)


Last Updated on 16th Oct 2012