Roop Singh Stadium

Roop Singh Stadium is one of the prominent sports ground of Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh . Popularly known as Captain Roop Singh Stadium, the well known sports ground of Gwalior has served as the venue for several national and international level hockey and cricket matches.

Captain Roop Singh Stadium was initially developed to host hockey matches. However, as the sports of cricket gained more popularity, the huge stadium was changed to cricket ground. In the recent years, the Captain Roop Singh Stadium of Gwalior hosts cricket matches both at national and international level.

Spread over huge area, the Captain Roop Singh Stadium is equipped with modern infrastructural amenities. The field of the stadium has a well developed sporting pitch that helps the batsman and bowlers as well. The stadium has well organized sitting arrangements for the audience who gather in large number to watch the cricket matches.

A unique feature of the Captain Roop Singh Stadium is its Electronic Score Board that displays accurate scores of each team. The stadium has excellent flash lights that help the players to concentrate on their games during nights as well.

The dressing room of Captain Roop Singh Stadium supports necessary equipments for relieving the sportsmen from stress and strains of the game. The mini gymnasium of the dressing room helps the cricketers to maintain their physical fitness.

The Captain Roop Singh Stadium has hosted ten international cricket matches in the recent times. The Roop Singh Stadium has helped in the development of Gwalior sports and is pride of the city.

Last Updated on 16th Oct 2012