Mausoleum of Ghaus Mohammed

The Mausoleum of Ghaus Mohammed happens to be the tomb of the legendary Muslim savant Mohammed Ghaus. The former saint hailing from Afghanistan is credited be a prince who gave up the royal luxuries and adopted the life of a Sufi saint. Mohammed Ghaus is credited to be the inspiration behind the great Miyan Tansen and it is he who brought out the latter's musical genius.

The splendid tomb rests in the quaint town of Hazira and is a spectacular structure. The origin of the renowned structure dates as far back as 1565 AD and comprises of intricate lattice worked and perforated stone screes or jalis that resemble a honeycomb. The windows from a strong wall that surrounds the veranda. The tomb is located in a central enclosure and is represents the quintessential Mughal architectural style.

The Mausoleum of Ghaus Mohammed happens to be one of the eminent must see destinations that provides tourists with an insight of the cultural extravaganzas of medieval India during a tour to Gwalior.

Last Updated on 16th Oct 2012