Holi and Dipawali in Haridwar

Holi and Dipawali in Haridwar is celebrated with much grandeur and religious fervor. With the onset of spring, the town of Haridwar is decorated in myriad hues during the festival of colors, Holi. As the winter approaches, Haridwar embellishes itself with Dipawali, the festival of Lights. The Ganges forms the backdrop to these beautiful festivals.

Laksmi, the Goddess of Prosperity and Wealth, is worshiped during Dipawali in Haridwar. Mythologically, Goddess Lakshmi emerged with the Amrit, the elixir of life, and while the Gods and Demons tried to flee away with the priceless pot, a few drops fell in Haridwar rendering itself a sacred land. The festival is also associated with the return of Rama from exile and marks the triumph of good over evil. Haridwar is beautifully decorated during Dipawali in November with lamps and candles. The people celebrate this festival by buying new utensils and jewelry, sharing sweet meats, visiting the loved ones and of course fireworks.

Holi in Haridwar is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm and joy. As the chilly winter recedes and the people of Haridwar looks forward to the warmth of summer, Holi the festival of colors herald beautiful days ahead. The young and old smear gulal on each other and celebrate. By noon, the whole town of Haridwar becomes a muti-colored canvas as the people have gala time shooting jets of colored water at each other.

Last Updated on 17th Oct 2012