Car Rentals in Haridwar

Car rentals in Haridwar are becoming increasingly popular with the pilgrims, who are visiting this holy city. It is a popular form of transportation in Haridwar. In the earlier days, the only mode of transportation used to be bullock carts, boats and after that railways. However, with the improvement of the infrastructure of Haridwar and the building of National Highway No. 45, car travel has become an easy and convenient method of travel for the 'yatris' (pilgrims) and tourists alike.

The city of Haridwar has a plethora of car rental agencies that provide cars. All types of models are available for rent, ranging from the basic Ambassador to the luxurious Honda City. The rates are generally calculated for 200 kilometers a day. The rate generally includes charges for fuel and drivers.

The cars are generally divided into four categories, Luxury Class, Executive Class, MUVs and SUVs (Mountain and Sports Utility Vehicles) and Economy Class. The rates are quite reasonable although the luxury cars come for a premium.

With the advent of superior infrastructure and the building of smooth highways, road travel has been facilitated and now is the choice of many pilgrims who visit this holy city. This has also immensely increased the revenue earned by the tourism industry and has also generated several jobs for the local populace.

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Last Updated on 17th Oct 2012