Haridwar to Piran Kaliar

Religious tours from Haridwar to Piran Kaliar offer the tourists a magnificent scope to view one of the ancient tombs. Situated in the Roorkee area, the tomb of Shabir Shahib in Piran Kaliar depicts the religious diversity of Haridwar. A famous Dargah of ancient times, Piran Kaliar is visited by tourists coming from all over the world.

People belonging to various religions and faiths visit Piran Kaliar near Haridwar in large numbers each year. Over the years Piran Kaliar has emerged as one of the meeting grounds of multi-religious pilgrims. From Sikhs and Hindus to Muslims and Christians, people of all communities, castes and beliefs come to Piran Kaliar as part of a religious our.

The URS festival is a popular festival, which is celebrated every year in Piran Kaliar. People who wish to explore the inherent traits of Haridwar religious tour often come to Piran Kaliar. This is due to the fact that Piran Kaliar is one of those exclusive sites of Haridwar where religion, humanity and harmony blend well. Tourists can reach Piran Kaliar through bus services which are quite regular in nature. Haridwar has also such transportation facilities as taxis and auto-rickshaws.

A major pilgrim center, Haridwar is always buzzing with tourists. While some of the visitors come to Haridwar to visit the various temples of the place, some others take a tour of the different enigmatic locales. Piran Kaliar, a prime religious location of Haridwar, widens the tourism perspective of the place as a whole.

Last Updated on 17th Oct 2012