Food in Haridwar

Food in Haridwar comprises of a healthy palate of vegetarian dishes that are prepared hygienically. As one of the sacred locations of India, Haridwar houses many pilgrimages. Most of the pilgrim sites of Haridwar offer pure vegetarian recipes to the tourists. The restaurants in Haridwar are also known to serve authentic vegetarian palates to the pilgrims.

The food habits of Haridwar people comprises of vegetarian flavor that speaks of their belief in the piousness and purity of life. The temples, Ghats, ashrams and other sacred places of Haridwar have collectively made it a site of reverence. Most of the tourists coming to Haridwar are pilgrims who seek the blessing of the deities of the various shrines of the place. More often than not these devotees adhere to strict vegetarian dishes to keep their religious sanctity intact. This is one of the prime reasons why most of the eateries of Haridwar come with vegetarian menu.

In the recent times some restaurants with South Indian and Punjabi cuisine have also emerged in Haridwar. Since people from all parts of India and also from other nations frequently visit Haridwar so the need for multi-cuisine restaurant has been felt in the place. However, irrespective of these food courts Haridwar is still popular for its inherent vegetarian delicacies.

Some of the well-known restaurants that successfully tickle the taste buds of tourists in Haridwar include Ahaar, Bestee, Mohan's Fast Food, Motel Rahi's restaurant, Bridge Mathura Walla and Chotiwala. All of these restaurants of Haridwar offer pure and tasty dishes at a reasonable rate. Consisting of a wholesome plate of vegetarian options food in Haridwar surely satisfies the taste urge of one and all.

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Last Updated on 17th Oct 2012