Cheap Flights to Imphal

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Imphal Airport
Looking for some cheap flights to travel to the city of Imphal, seek no more. We bring you a list of some very cheap flights to the city of Imphal in Manipur. You can now travel to the place saving a lot of your time that too at affordable prices. You might have to spend more than your train ticket price but you definitely won't regret spending the extra amount if it ensures you a more comfortable journey.

Following are some of the cheap flights that you can take to Imphal from major Indian Cities:

  1. Flights from New Delhi

    • Indigo Airlines- 5927 Indian Rupees
    • Kingfisher Red- 6429 Indian Rupees
    • Air India- 7180 Indian Rupees

  2. Flights from Mumbai

    • Jet Airways Konnect and Jet Lite- 7813 Indian Rupees
    • Kingfisher and Kingfisher Red- 8413 Indian Rupees
    • Indigo Airlines- 8566 Indian Rupees

  • Flights from Kolkata

    • Air India- 3030 Indian Rupees
    • Indigo Airlines- 3315 Indian Rupees
    • Kingfisher Red- 3379 Indian Rupees