Kaina, Imphal

Kaina, Imphal is a religious place, located in the Thoubal district about 29 kilometers from Imphal. The place is also spelt as Koina. It houses a temple that was dedicated to Shri Govindaji. The temple was constructed by Maharaja Jai Singh, one of the disciples of Govindaji. Every year thousands of Hindu devotees visit this place for worship.

According to a mythical story, Shri Govindaji came in Bheigyachandra's dream and told him to construct a temple with his image enshrined on it.

This hillock of Kaina is located at an altitude of about 1000 feet above sea level. The temple is surrounded by beautiful shrubs, which provide an enchanting ambiance of angelic solemnity. The temple's shrine is carved out of jackfruit tree. This place serves as the best resting place for travelers from far and wide.

Kaina in Imphal can be easily commuted through developed transportation system. The Dimapur Railway Station is the closest railway station about 215 km away from the capital city of Manipur. The Imphal airport is the nearest airport that serves scheduled flights for travelers. Travelers can reach Kaina from Thoubal by bus.

The best time to visit Kaina in Imphal is between October and February. During these months the weather is pleasant for traveling.

Kaina, Imphal is regarded as a historical and religious place of Imphal and has developed as one of the significant attraction for tourists.

Last Updated on 19th Oct 2012