Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank, one of the foreign banks in India, has over the years become the leading players in Indian banking sector.Established in 1969,it came into existence with the merger of two London based world renowned banks - The Standard Bank of British South Africa and the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China. Functional in India since 1885 as The Chartered Bank, the bank has just changed its name.

Since its inception, the bank took the path of progress and has been striving continuously to achieve the goal of 100% customer satisfaction. The Standard Chartered Bank of India provides a gamut of services to its customers. Whether one is looking for home loan or wants to go for the insurance cover, Standard Chartered bank provides all the facilities.

The Standard Chartered Bank has a large number of services to choose from. In Accounts the person can either open a current account or go for the saving account. The Bank also offers Debit and Prepaid cards. Under the Loans and Mortagages section you can avail of Personal Loans, Loan Against Securities, Loan Against Term Deposits, Smart Credit Overdraft, Home Loans, HomeSaver, HomeSaver Plus and Loan Against Property. The Insurance & Investment section of the bank offers General Insurance, Life Insurance and Investment Services.
To save the time of its customers and offer them a hassle free banking, Standard Chartered Bank offers online services.

The transactions, inquiries and other tasks can be accomplished while sitting at home through Standard Chartered Bank website. This safe and secure mode of banking has added value to the Standard Chartered banking.

There a large number of Standard Chartered Bank branches in India. Standard Chartered Bank, Mumbai; Standard Chartered Bank, Delhi; Standard Chartered Bank, Chennai; Standard Chartered Bank, Kolkata; Standard Chartered Bank, Jaipur; Standard Chartered Bank, Bangalore are some of the widely known bank branches in India.


Standard Chartered Branches


Last Updated on 22th Nov 2012