Fairs and Festivals in Indore

There are several Fairs and festivals in Indore that reflect the cultural extravaganzas of the Central India. Indore is the home of some friendly, hospitable and highly industrious people who love to spice up their lives with a dash of color. Consequently, festal fervor is an integral part of the lives of the local people.

The festivals of Indore have a strong social, historical and religious character. The people of Indore celebrate all festivals of national importance with lots of pomp and grandeur. The noteworthy Indore fairs and festivals include the following:

  • Rang Panchmi
  • Annant Choudas
  • Holi
  • Navratri Utsav
  • Rakshabandhan
  • Ahilya Utsav

    Anant Chaudas is essentially a religious festival that is celebrated with lots of revelry, mirth and merriment in the month of September. During the Anant Chaudas nights, large colorful promenades are taken out and idols of the venerable Lord Ganesha are reverentially immersed in water.

    Rangapanchami or the festival of colors follows close on the heels of the gala festival of colors, Holi. A mere five days after the nationwide gala celebrations of Holi, Indore once again gets all dressed up in festive colors with accompanying music. This traditional festival is a part of the Holi celebrations and continues to be celebrated with gaiety even till today.

    The Ahilya Utsav is another important festival that is celebrated annually to commemorate the death anniversary of the erstwhile Rani Ahilya Bai of Madhya Pradesh.

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