Food in Indore

The food in Indore is a rage all over the Indian subcontinent for their fine flavor, taste as well as variety. The fantastic Indore cuisine is certain to make the gourmand's taste buds water. A treasure trove of culinary information, Indore food and drinks are undoubtedly sublime.

There are several different schools of cuisine in the Indian subcontinent. Amongst them, the Central Indian cuisine deserves special place. Indore city has many a claim to its fame. Apart from its flourishing industries and academic institutes, the sweets and Nankeen (salty snacks) are renowned all across the country. Indore city is opulent in its offerings of a widespread variety of Nankeens. Besides Indore is also famed for lip smacking vegetarian fares like pani puris, dosas, vadas, idlis, samosas and thw very delectable chola baturas.

Tourists visiting Indore have the inimitable experience of sampling a number of novel drinks and thirst quenchers. While the shikanji is a fascinating blend of milk and dry fruits, lassi is flavored yoghurt. Besides, appetizers like Jal-Jira and santrola are also found aplenty in the shops, bistros and restaurants of Indore.

The people of Indore are mostly vegetarians and consequently, there is no dearth of vegetarian eateries in the Madhya Pradesh city. It is imperative that tourists savor the wide array of street food that is sold in the food galleries of Indore till wee hours of the night. Besides, restaurants like the Sarafa and the Shappan Dukan also offer gastronomic delights for the connoisseur of good vegetarian food.

Last Updated on 29th Nov 2012