Health in Jabalpur

The sector of health in Jabalpur is quite advanced. The city provides a lot of medical facilities to the people who live here. It is one of the major cities of the state of Madhya Pradesh that provide quality health facilities to the patients.

There are a number of hospitals in Jabalpur. The names of some famous hospitals of Jabalpur are Sanjivan Hospital and Research Center, Jabalpur Hospital and Research Center, Silver Oak Hospital, National Hospital, SC Gupta Memorial Hospital and Marble City Hospital and Research Center.

All the above hospitals offer a wide range of health services to the people who live in the city. These medical centers provide general treatments as well as a number of specialized treatments like Dialysis Laproscopic. The hospitals also have on offer various kinds of diagnostic services.

There are a number of diagnostic centers in Jabalpur, which provide good-quality health facilities to the patients. Theese diagnostic centers are equipped with all the modern medical amenities for the convenience of the patients. Some well known diagnostic centers in Jabalpur are Jabalpur X-Ray and Sonography Center, Saxena X-Ray and Sonography Center, SS Sonography and X-Ray Center, Disha X-Ray and Sonography Center, Sandhu Diagnostics, Charak Diagnostic and Research Center and Nidan Kendra.

The blood banks of Jabalpur offer a good supply of fresh and uninfected blood. These blood banks have an important role to play in the medical sector of the city.

All the above health centers contribute to the betterment of the department of health in Jabalpur.

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Last Updated on 16th Dec 2012