Jalandhar Newspaper

There are quite a few newspapers in Jalandhar. Jalandhar newspapers provide all the basic news, views and ideas that are related to the life of the common people of the district. The place currently boasts of a number of newspapers some of which are published on a daily basis while some others are published on a weekly basis. The newspapers at Jalandhar are printed in a number of languages.

One of the most popular newspapers of Jalandhar is the Ajit Jalandhar. This newspaper is published in the Punjabi language. This Jalandhar newspaper is particularly popular in the rural regions of the state. Jag Bani, Aj-Di-Awaj, Akali Patrika and Jantak Lehar are other important Punjabi newspapers of Jalandhar. It is published by the Hind Samachar Group.

The Hind Samachar is a major Urdu newspaper of the district. Some well known Hindi newspapers of Jalandhar are Dainik Jagran, Amar Ujala, Vir Partap and Punjab Kesari.

Prior to the partition of Punjab, the city of Lahore used to be the main center of print media in the state of Punjab. At that time, almost all the major newspapers of the state were published from Lahore. However, in the post-partition period, the center of print media has been relocated to the district of Jalandhar.

The newspapers of Punjab had to almost start afresh at this place all over again. Within a very short time, this industry has flourished a lot and is currently considered one of the major sources of information in the state.

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