Jamshedpur Industries

Jamshedpur Industries are burgeoning in this industrial city owing to a multitude of reasons. The city is endowed with a major rail head that facilitates accessibility as well as the transportation of raw materials. The city is also a repository of several minerals like iron ore, lime, manganese as well as coal. The city was christened after Jamshedji Tata, an industrialist and visionary who had set up the first ever privatized iron and steel plant of the country, namely Tata Steel in the state.

Tata Steel has currently burgeoned into the largest factory in the city and the Tata industrial enterprises have spread their wings all across the city. They contribute significantly to Jamshedpur Business and Economy. Tata Motors, Tata Tata Cummins, TELCO, Tata Electric Companies, Tata Pigments, Tata Robins Fraser, Tata Refractories, Tata Ryerson, Tata Yodogawa, Tata Tinplate and Tata Tubes are some of the other Tata enterprises that have mushroomed in Jamshedpur. The widespread proliferation of the Tata group in Jamshedpur has resulted in the city being popularly known as Tatanagar.

JMT Auto Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of automobile spare parts like a variety of gears and shafts, axle pins, pistons. Shifter sleeves, rings, carriers as well as drums. Golcha Enterprises is a leading chemical plant that supplies myriads of ammonium compounds, pharmaceuticals, minerals, alloys, industrial gases, pathological and foundry chemicals, medical as well as laboratory instruments and ferro alloys.

Anmoul Web Solution is a leading software company whose domain includes web designing, web application development as well as web hosting. Usha Martin Limited is concerned with the manufacture of a large variety of steel that has tremendous industrial demand. Vemcon Industries deals with the production of microprocessor chips as well as printing devices, coolers and power supplies that are built using microprocessor and micro controller technology.

Last Updated on 24/06/2013