Jamshedpur Economy and Business

Jamshedpur Economy and Business plays a pivotal role in shaping the city's fiscal future. The city is a vanguard of the nation's industrial enterprises and is renowned for its iron and steel plants.

Jamshedpur city's claim to fame rests in the fact that the country's first ever private Iron and Steel plant was set up there. Established by the Tatas, one of the biggest industry magnets, Tata Steel (previously TISCO) is the largest factory in the city of Jamshedpur. The industrial city is a repository of minerals like coal, manganese, lime and iron ore that are found in plenitude in the areas around Noamundi, West Bokaro and Jamadoba.

Several iron and steel, automobile as well as tinplate, cement and other small scale industrial units have burgeoned in the city of Jamshedpur. A significant percentage of the industries in Jamshedpur have been set up by the Tatas. Tata Motors, the erstwhile Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company (TELCO) is famed for its production of locomotives, earth moving materials as well as heavy vehicles. Tata Tinplate, formerly known as Tinplate Co. of India Ltd, happened to an undertaking of the British. However, the company was soon taken over by the Tatas. Indian Steel and Wire products (ISWP), a wire mill that was forced to close down owing to the Battle Force Interoperability Requirements (BFIR) came under the jurisdiction of the Tatas on 2nd January 2004. The company is currently doing brisk business.

Several smaller industrial units like the TRF (Tata Robins Fraser), Agrico, an ancillary unit of Tata Steel, Tata Yodogawa Ltd, Bharat Oxygen gases (BOC), Lafarge Cement as well as several medium scale industrial located on the outskirts of Tata in the Adityapur Industrial Estate also spearhead the city's economy.

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Last Updated on 24/06/2013