Jamshedpur Food

Jamshedpur food comprises of traditional cuisines of Bihar and authentic delicacies of Bengal. The staple diet of the local inhabitants of Jamshedpur consists of dal, chawal, roti and sabzi. Some of the native indigenous population of Jamshedpur is pure vegetarians, while others are non-vegetarians.

One of the traditional and authentic cuisines of the local inhabitants of Jamshedpur is sattu. Sattu powder is mixed with spices and onions to make a delicacy which is savored with boiled potatoes, and other vegetables. Another indigenous cuisine of the city of Jamshedpur is Pua which resembles a pancake. Pua is a sweet dish that is usually prepared on special festive occasions.

The cosmopolitan city of Jamshedpur houses several multi-cuisine restaurants that provide numerous lip smacking and mouth-watering delicacies to the local inhabitants. Some of the well known food joints of Jamshedpur are:
  • Kwality Restaurant
  • The Host
  • Hotel Abhishek
  • Hotel Raj
  • Hotel Chanakya
All the restaurants of Jamshedpur provide delicious Indian, Mughlai and Chinese cuisines to satisfy the appetite of the native population and tourists as well. Jamshedpur has many road side eateries that offer authentic South Indian delicacies of idli and vada.

The industrially progressive city of Jamshedpur has several coffee shops that relieve the local inhabitants from the stress and strains of daily mundane life. The comfortable ambience of the restaurants and coffee shops of Jamshedpur rejuvenate the customers with a fresh bout of energy and vigor.

The people of Jamshedpur have a balanced diet of protein, vitamins and minerals. On weekends, however, they prefer to break the daily norm and visit the restaurants of the city.

Last Updated on : 02/07/2013