Keenan Stadium

Keenan Stadium is one of the notable Jamshedpur tourist attractions. Built in the memory of Mr John Lawrence Keenan, the huge stadium adds to the charm of the city of Jamshedpur.

Mr John Lawrence Keenan worked as an employee of Tata Iron and Steel Company for 25 years. During his stay in the city, Mr Lawrence Keenan had made many friends. His friendly, intelligent and emotional character drew him closer to the common people of Jamshedpur who were highly influenced by his views and thoughts. Therefore, during the time of Mr John Lawrence Keenan's retirement, all the workers of the company and the city dwellers as well wanted to gift him something that would immortalize his presence in the city.

On the eve of his farewell from the company and India as well on the 26th of December in the year of 1937, the members of the farewell committee decided to build a stadium and name it after Mr John Lawrence Keenan. Thus, the famous Keenan Stadium was constructed at a huge cost of around Rs 25,000. The local inhabitants of Jamshedpur freely contributed to the construction of the huge stadium in the North Park Ground of the city.

Keenan Stadium was finally inaugurated by Mr J.R.D Tata on the 22nd of November in the year of 1939. The Keenan Stadium has hosted several cricket matches of national and state level. In the year of 1983-84, the Keenan Stadium was chosen as the venue for international cricket match for the first time.

Keenan Stadium of Jamshedpur reminds the local citizens of the place of the selfless service of Mr John Lawrence Keenan for the development of Jamshedpur.

Last Updated on : 02/07/2013



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