How to Reach Jamshedpur

Reaching Jamshedpur through flights is one of the most convenient travel options. The Birsa Munda Airport at Ranchi, which is around 140 km away from Jamshedpur, provides flights to the cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Patna. Also, the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport of Kolkata is 226 km away from Jamshedpur. Till some years back the Sonari Airport of Jamshedpur was an operational base from where regular flights used to be offered.

Jamshedpur is a developed industrial base which became famous ever since Tata Steel was established over there. Among the flights to Jamshedpur, Air Deccan provides regularized services to those who are coming to the town. There are options for discount or cheap flights to Jamshedpur too. One can either choose for on-line booking to get a seat in the cheap flights or can also contact the travel agents.

As a bustling commercial hub, Jamshedpur is visited by huge number of businessmen on a regular basis. As such, to provide these visitors with a smooth and hassle-free transportation alternative, air travel companies strive to offer best of the flight deals.

Realizing the immense potentiality of the place, Jamshedpur Government, in the recent times, has taken major initiatives to establish a full-fledged airport in the town. Many private air carriers have shown keen interest to construct an air base in Jamshedpur.

In order to make the reaching to Jamshedpur a more time-saving and comfortable affair the local authorities are geared up to provide more travel options to both the commercial visitors as well as the general tourists.

The links to Reaching Jamshedpur are provided below: Distance to Jamshedpur
  • From delhi - 1321 KM
  • From kolkata - 295 KM
  • From mumbai - 1810 KM
  • From chennai - 1629 KM
  • From jaipur - 1323 KM
  • From pune - 1827 KM
Jamshedpur Distance Chart

Last Updated on : 02/07/2013