Sri Dorabji Tata Park

Sri Dorabji Tata Park of Jamshedpur lies near the Keenan Stadium of the city. One of the notable places of Jamshedpur tourist attractions, Sri Dorabji Tata Park draws several tourists who are enchanted with its captivating beauty.

The sprawling gardens, colorful flowers and artificial fountains represent the beautiful park of Sri Dorabji Tata. This well known park of Jamshedpur derived its name from Sri Dorabji Tata, who was one of the pioneers of the Tata Iron and Steel Company.

Easily accessible from any part of the city, the local population of Jamshedpur visit Sri Dorabji Tata Park on weekends to refresh their mind from the stress and tensions of regular life. The illuminated fountains of the park are an added attraction for the tourists.

Sri Dorabji Tata Park is an ideal place to spend time with family and friends. The luxuriant lawns of the park offer the children with ample space to have fun and enjoy their weekend. A delight for nature lovers, Sri Dorabji Tata Park has variety of colorful flowers.

Far from the maddening crowd of the city, the calm and pleasant ambience of Sri Dorabji Tata Park rejuvenates the local inhabitants and tourists with a fresh bout of energy and vigor.

Last Updated on : 02/07/2013