Prabhas Patan

A tour to Prabhas Patan is one of the most popular excursions from Junagadh. The tourists who come to Junagadh generally do not miss the chance of traveling to this place, which is considered very holy.

The Prabhas Patan of Junagadh is also called Bhalka Tirtha. According to popular belief, after the downfall of the Bhoja and Yadu dynasties, Lord Krishna came out of his palace and came to this region called Prabhasaksetra. He was accompanied by Uddhava. A temple is located near a tree at Prabhas Patan. It is widely believed that Lord Krishna was sitting under this tree when he was hit by an arrow in the foot. The arrow was shot by a hunter called Jara.

On the temple altar, there is a white image of Lord Krishna. The feet of this image is painted in pink. Various auspicious symbols can be seen on the bottom of the feet of this image. Jara's image, with folded hands and one knee on the floor, is placed close to the image of Krishna. The temple is located towards the east of Veraval.

The Prabhas Patan Museum is one of the attractions of the place. This museum houses a number of remains of some renowned old temples. It takes only around 5 minutes to travel from the Somnath temple to this museum. The Prabhas Patan Museum is situated towards the right of the entrance of the temple. This well reputed museum remains open on all the days of the week excepting Wednesdays and national holidays. The museum is open from 9 am to noon and again from 3 to 6 pm.

Last Updated on 06/06/2013