Education in Kodaikanal

The hill station of Kodaikanal lures many people to study in the excellent schools, colleges and universities. Education in Kodaikanal is an important factor in the social and economic development of the place.

There are a large numbers of schools of international standard in Kodaikanal like:
  • Kodaikanal International School
  • Kodaikanal Public School
  • Brindavan Public School, Kodaikanal
  • Bhavan's Gandhi Vidyashram, Kodai
Along with the schools that develop the basic platform of knowledge, the colleges in Kodaikanal are also doing a commendable job in helping the students to pursue their higher studies. The most esteemed colleges in Kodaikanal are:
  • Kodaikanal Christian College
  • Kodaikanal Institute of Technology, Kodaikanal
The beautiful place of Kodaikanal have a very famous university, Mother Teresa Women's University, for specialization courses and other studies. This university is distinct in the fact that it admits only the female students.

With the rapid increase of popularity of professional courses, Kodaikanal has come up with various career oriented courses that are taught in several institutes of the region.

Equipped with a modern approach towards various disciplines, these professional institutes are grooming pupil with a balance of theoretical and practical knowledge.

Last Updated on : 05 May 2011