The Van Allen Hospital

The Van Allen Hospital is located in Kodaikanal. As a renowned medical unit this Kodaikanal hospital has made a name of its own in its own right.

From treating the common ailments to diagnosing the complex syndromes, the Van Allen Hospital is efficient to take care of all types of critical medical aspects.

Established on the south of Kodaikanal, the Van Allen Hospital can be arrived at from any part of the region. The entrance to Coaker's Walk is the landmark where the Kodaikanal Van Allen Hospital stands today. The medical facilities available in Van Allen hospital of Kodaikanal are infinite.

Patients from all adjoining areas of Kodaikanal visit the Van Allen hospital for various medical purposes. While some people come to cure the common diseases some others come with major health problems.

The operation theater and the pathology division of the Van Allen Hospital are both well-equipped. Whenever there is an emergency, the doctors of the Van Allen Hospital treat the patients with the help of advanced medical instruments that are always present in the hospital.

The staffs of the Van Allen Hospital in Kodaikanal are quite cordial by nature and co-operate with the patient to a great extent. Van Allen Hospital also facilitates the critical method of blood transfusion within the hospital itself.

This supports the fact that this hospital, being one of the best of Kodaikanal hospitals, is equipped with major facilities that can come handy in case of any medical urgency.

With years of dedicated service, The Van Allen Hospital surely enhances the prospects of a safe and secure life both for the local people as well as for the visitors.

Last Updated on : 05 May 2011