Kodaikanal by Road

Visiting Kodaikanal by Road is one of the best traveling options as the place has a developed and wide-reaching network.

The road infrastructure of Kodaikanal includes a wide range of routes that connect the place with many important locations. Places such as Chennai, Trichy, Coimbatore, Ooty, Madurai and Kumili have direct road links with Kodaikanal.

Reaching Kodaikanal through the road network of the place is considered as a convenient and comfortable sojourn. The ecstatic touristy locales of Kodaikanal are spread across the length and breadth of Kodaikanal. The roads are the only source which leads to the different parts of Kodaikanal. Bus services are available from various adjoining locations that take tourists to the scenic locale of Kodaikanal.

The concrete network of roads that connect Kodaikanal to other significant locations stretch to such places as Chennai, Trichi, Madurai, Ooty and Coimbatore, among many others. The distances of roads to and from Kodaikanal are:
  • 170 km - Coimbatore
  • 260 km - Ooty
  • 80 km - Palani
  • 120 km - Madurai
  • 520 km - Chennai
  • 160 km - Trichy
  • 278 km - Rameswaram
There are many other important places which are linked by the roads of Kodaikanal. Such places which have facilitating road infrastructure and have a direct link with Kodaikanal include Tirunelveli, Yercaud, Salem, Tuticorin, Thekkady, Kanyakumari, Cochin, Bangalore, Dindigul, Courtlam and many others.

From deluxe buses to private cars, all types of transportation ply on the roads to and from Kodaikanal. The car rental companies offer a number of options to both tourists and businessmen to reach Kodaikanal with the help of latest cars.

People who come to Kodaikanal by road not only reach to the place without any break journey but also enjoy the natural treasures of the place while traveling by buses and cars.

Last Updated on : 05 May 2011