Thiruvallam is one of the most popular backwaters destinations in Kerala. It is wonderful to experience a canoe ride in the backwaters of Thiruvallam amidst the serene surroundings. Besieged by exquisite greenery all around, Thiruvallam is a fascinating place for an excursion from Kovalam.

On a Kerala tour you can also enjoy floating by the various fishing villages of the locality in a houseboat. One can notice the traditional rhythm of life that is still preserved in these villages of Kerala. You can enjoy the exotic landscape with water birds and various aquatic flowers all around as your boat sail along. While on this joyous cruise in Thiruvallam, you can also enjoy watching the local children playing around.

There are two rivers, Killi and Karamana converge at the Thiruvallam backwaters. A historic Parashuram temple is also located in this place. While on a trip to Kerala backwaters you can also visit this famous temple. Many pilgrims come here to pay homage to their ancestors.

There are also arrangements for enjoying water sports while you are on a trip to the backwaters near Kovalam. A waterfront park and a floating bridge is located in the Velli Lagoon near Thiruvallam. There are boatings facilities on Akulam lake. The cruises are offered by Akulam Boating Club.

The backwaters in Thiruvallam is gaining popularity among the leisure travelers very rapidly. The charming atmosphere and the fascinating scenic beauty makes it the right spot for a relaxing tour.

Thiruvallam in Kerala is located at a distance of about six kilometers from Tiruvananthapuram, the state capital.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011