Water Sports Kovalam

The Kovalam Beach in Kerala is one of the most attractive beaches in the Indian sub-continent. Apart from its natural beauty, what attracts people to this beach on the Arabian Sea, there are different kinds of water sports in Kovalam. There are also provisions for the novices and they can try their hand at the various available water sports Kovalam. Ones tour of Kerala remains incomplete without exploring the adventurous side of it and the water sports in Kovalam offer the best possible options for this trial. For most of the water sports, Kovalam the tourists can hire guides and trainers in order to learn the right tactics of the sports.

There are a number of water sports Kovalam that one can indulge in while in the region. The tropical sun, the perfect temperature of the waters and the golden sand beaches make it an ideal location for sporty activities. The most popular water sports Kovalam include:

  • Kayaking
  • Para sailing
  • Swimming
  • Surfing
  • Skiing
  • Catamaran ride
Besides these popular water sports Kovalam, there are some other water sports that are enjoyed by tourists, both Indian and International. The mysteries of the under water marine life is a major attraction for the tourist which makes Snorkeling a popular water sports Kovalam. These snorkeling tours are usually guided and therefore safe. The exquisite coral reefs under the blue waters make it an interesting point for all kinds of water sports.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011