Light House Beach Kovalam

The Light house beach Kovalam is the most popular amongst the tourist. The Kovalam Beach is a long stretch of beach along the Malabar Coast. This long sandy beach is separated into three different beaches by the outcrops that are found jutting out into the sea. The three parts of the Kovalam beach are, the Light house Beach Kovalam, the Hawah Beach or Eves Beach and the Samudra Beach. The Light house Beach Kovalam is the largest of the three beaches and the most salient feature of this beach is the light house which is 30 meters in height.

The Light House Beach Kovalam, like the other two beaches of Kovalam, has extensive stretches of sand and fringes of palm trees. The cool breeze of the Arabian Sea and the fine tuned rhythm of the waves lashing on the sandy beaches are sure to captivate anyone. There is a light house on this beach which is located at the South End of the beach on a promontory.

The Light house beach Kovalam is a versatile one and is not restricted to natural beauty alone. It is also a perfect location for adventure lovers and one can enjoy water sports like swimming, para cycling, para gliding etc.

Reaching the Light House Beach Kovalam is not a problem owing to its proximity to the capital of Kerala, Trivandrum. The Light House Beach Kovalam is easily accessible from Trivandrum Central Bus Station, Trivandrum International Airport and the railhead of Trivandrum Central in Thampanoor.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011