Kovalam History

Kovalam in Kerala is one of the hottest tourist destinations of the country. The Kovalam Beach lies very close to Thiruvananthapuram with a distance of only 16 Kilometers. The much publicized beach of today was once a tranquil village along the coast line. The Kovalam History tells us the story of transformation of the serene hamlet into a vibrant tourism site.

The Maharajah of Travancore will always hold a significant part in Kovalam History. Impressed by the beauty of the place, the King used to spend his leisure time there. His European guests soon came to know about the spot from him and by the third decade of twentieth century, it was made popular by the European visitors.

The greatest boost in Kovalam's popularity came during the 1970s when the Hippies arrived in Kovalam. Enchanted by its beauty and relatively peaceful ambiance the Hippy community came in hordes and in the process made it even more popular.

Tourism in Kerala has reached its pinnacle in the recent years and Kovalam is an integral part of the success story. The media attention on Kovalam has attracted national and international travel houses that arranges regular packaged tours bringing in tourists from all parts of the world.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011