Mahabaleshwar Restaurants

Mahabaleshwar Restaurants offers a wide range of lip smacking delicacies ranging from the local dishes to continental foods at a reasonable price. Mahabaleshwar is known for healthy and hygienic food.

Almost all the restaurants and hotels provide non- vegetarian and vegetarian delicacies.

The restaurants are clean and offer an excellent ambiance to all the tourists who visit the various food joints to satisfy their appetite.

Some of the notable restaurants of Mahabaleshwar are:
  • New Hill Retreat on 187, School Mohalla, Murray Peth Road that offers an excellent food at reasonable rates of Rs. 400- 600. This restaurant is rated as a three star restaurant by the visitors.
  • Amir Hotel near S.T. Stand is a four star hotel with tariff rates ranging between Rs. 200- 400 that offers excellent quality of food.
  • Laxmi Hotel is another famous food joint near S.T Road with tariff rates between Rs. 200-400 and Rs.400- 600 as well.
  • Vimal Garden is a beautiful resort cum restaurant with well decorated garden in Post Office Lane.
  • Rahi Plaza Hotel, opposite the S.T. Road offers all the comforts that a tourist can ask for along with delicious food.
  • MTDC Hotel offers an excellent combination of food and lodging facilities at reasonable prices
  • Sai Regency Hotel is situated at Mahabaleshwar Main road and provides one with an excellent comfort level along with good and hygienic food
  • Dwarka Hotel near M.S.E.B Mahabaleshwar is known for its high standards of hygiene with tariff rates of Rs 400-600/Rs.600-800.
Mahabaleshwar has many more well known restaurants that are equally hygienic and appealing to the eyes.Good Restaurants and food joints form an indispensable part of any tourist location, and Mahabaleshwar caters to the needs of all the tourists.

Last Updated on 13 September 2011