Biosphere Reserves of India

Map of Biosphere Reserves in India

Map of Biosphere Reserves in India
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*Map showing the location and name of Biosphere Reserves of India. Disclaimer

What are Biosphere Reserves?

The government of India has considered a protected area only for the flora and fauna of the country. The main purpose of establishing a protected area is the conservation of plants and animals. Mostly, the plants and animals whose populations are declining abruptly or on the verge of extinction should be conserved.

Many times, local or tribal people of the area stay with the biosphere reserves to keep an eye on the flora and fauna. According to the latest data, there are 18 biosphere reserves in the country.

International Status of Biosphere Reserves

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) introduced the concept of Biosphere Reserves for areas where there was a confrontation between the development of the area and the conservation of the flora and fauna.

The establishment of the reserves solved the issue of the development and conservation of animals and plants.

Conditions for the Biosphere Reserves

There are two conditions for the establishment of the biosphere reserves.

  • The primary condition
  • The Secondary Condition

1. The Primary Condition

The primary condition for the establishment of the biosphere reserve should not be the busy area. The area should lie in a peaceful region so that the animals should not be disturbed. The area should be vast. The primary condition for establishing a protected biosphere reserve is the availability of a vast region.

The animals and plants require a massive area to adjust. The protected area should have additional land apart from the usable land.

The Secondary Condition

The area should have various kinds of soil and weather conditions. The area should be chosen based on the adaptability of animals and plants. If the area has only one climatic condition, the animals and plants would find it difficult to adapt to the new ecosystem.

Functions of the Biosphere Reserves in India

1. Flora and fauna conservation

The main purpose of a biosphere reserve is to conserve the flora and fauna at any cost. Mainly, the flora and fauna brought to the biosphere reserves are on the verge of extinction, due to protection by hunters. Also, to manage the whole premise and the local or tribal people around the biosphere reserve.

2. Development of the region

The core purpose of establishing a biosphere reserve was to solve the issue of the development and conservation of flora and fauna. To develop, the government of India tries to promote economic and human growth. Under the aim, the government of India will also promote sustainable development. The three pillars included in the concept are social development, economic development, and protection of the environment.

3. Assistance

Along with the promotion of sustainable development, there will be environmental education, ways to train and monitor the tribal people, and international conservation.

Last Updated on : September 16, 2022

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